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Nobody's got any input on the HD-3000???

On Jan 4, 2008 10:19 PM, A JM <vbtalent at gmail.com> wrote:
Going through some hardware that I have and I'm currently not using my
HD-3000 should I keep this or E-Bay it? Just wondering if there is some
newer technology I should be looking at, maybe an external USB tuner or
something else? 

What about the recording bit or record flag in HD broacasts? I was under the
impression that the older hardware wouldn't be impacted by the broadcasters
turning this on, allowing for recording of the broadcast? 

Thanks for any input you can give.


The broadcast flag was defeated. To my knowledge, and a google search, it
has been dead since Dec. 2006.
Anyway, no HD card at this time, again to my knowledge, contains any code or
hardware to enforce the flag should it be added to broadcasts.

As for the HD-3000 card itself, it is a good card and I was using mine until
earlier this year when I decided to pick up another HD-5000 to make all my
HD cards the same and not have to worry about the nuances of getting the
3000 and the 5000 working together in the same system whenever I rebuilt my

This list is active enough that if someone was interested in it you would
already have gotten a request for it.


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