[mythtv-users] Problem about xmltv and 2 different places to get info from

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Sat Jan 5 19:32:40 UTC 2008

Per Jørgensen skrev:
> Hey group.
> I've got a problem here in Denmark, Where xmltv i from default 
> configurated to get the data from tv2.dk. The problem is that not all 
> chanals from my satelite is not in TV2.dk - so I need to get some extra 
> information from another place.
> I found this place (unfortunably it's in Danish - but the commands are 
> still readable) - http://niels.dybdahl.dk/xmltvdk/index.php/Ahot_grabber
> I have runned these commands:
> python tv_grab_dk_ahot.py --configure    (worked fine) 
> & 
> python tv_grab_dk_ahot.py --output ahot.xml
> Also running and getting the information - as far as I can see on the 
> screen. But haven't got any information in the output afterwards !
> This grabber have the missing information, I have configured as told in 
> the guide - but I'm not getting any info in /home/myth/ahot.xml -it's 
> just an empty file after running the command:
> python .xmltv/tv_grab_dk_ahot.py --out /home/myth/ahot.xml
> This file is just empty - so I cannot get the information into MythTV 
> with mythfilldatabase --file /home/myth/ahot.xml
> What is going wrong here - I've run it as root and as my mythtv user - 
> since I don't get the info into a file ????
> Thanks
> Per
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What if you instead of relying on the --out parameter try to just 
redirect the output?

python .xmltv/tv_grab_dk_ahot.py > /home/myth/ahot.xml

If that works I would strongly check wether the grabber has a --out 
parameter or if there is something wrong with it.

- who is combining tv_grab_se_swedb with tv_grab_dk to get both Swedish 
and Danish channels...

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