[mythtv-users] DVB-C resources?

Gísli Óttarsson gislio at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 17:35:21 UTC 2008

Thanks Jose and Daniel:

I'll probably go for the TT-2300 and take my chances with finding a
compatible CI and CAM.  My cable company does not offer a smart-card without
renting a cable box (although they do not pair the two).  Thus, I will
simply stick the cable box in the closet and use the smart-card by itself.
This is cheap and I have no problem with this arrangement.

I will examine the web-site of the DVR application for additional CAM
information but if someone here knows more, I would be beholden.


On Jan 4, 2008 3:56 PM, Daniel Kristjansson <danielk at cuymedia.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-01-04 at 13:02 +0000, Gísli Óttarsson wrote:
> > I have successfully set up MythTV on a Ubuntu 7.10 system but I am
> > currently limited to analog signal from my provider-supplied DVB-C
> > cable box --- a relatively sluggish, low video quality, single channel
> > arrangement.   I am lusting after something a lot better.
> >
> > Could anyone point me to information about good DVB-C configurations
> > for MythTV?   I have seen DVB-C TV cards from Hauppauge, Technotrend
> > and Twinhan:
> I can't help much since I don't use DVB-C nor do I use a CAM, but I
> know from bug reports that several people do use DVB-C with a CAM
> successfully in MythTV. But this isn't the most robust code in MythTV,
> we've just imported the CAM support from the "DVR" application.
> The people who do use CAM successfully use one of the PCI cards with
> a CAM slot in it. MythTV actively tries to avoid supporting softcams
> and USB CAMs since they can so easily be abused.
> -- Daniel
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