[mythtv-users] DVD on Frontends won't eject

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Sat Jan 5 12:20:51 UTC 2008

Hey Ma.

Thanks for your advice.
But it ain't working. I have made the changes in these files - but still 
have the same problem which I need to close mythFrontend and from GNOME 
unmount the DVD.
So this ain't working and don't know why it'll not work.

hopefully you'll be able to come with the rigth solution.

Per Jørgensen

Ma Begaj skrev:
> 2007/12/31, Per Jørgensen <myth at pbj-design.dk>:
>> Hey Userlist.
>> I have a Under the stairs solution running.
>> But I have a problem about the DVD in the Frontends.
>> I looks to me as thay aren't visible to the backend. So each time I
>> press the eject button etc. I'll get an error about the DVD isn't
>> mounted - and aren't able to see the DVD.
>> I have shared from the backends all my storage - so all frontends have
>> access to this using NFS.
>> But how do I make the DVD-rom's in all my frontends visible/controlled
>> by the backend - so when I want to eject the media - it'll do it -
>> Caurse right now I only get an error and are needed to go into
>> commandline to unmount the drive - press the ejectbutton manually.
>> So any ideas suggestion are mostly welcome.
>  DVD/CD drive cannot be ejected if you added it to ignore list or you
> disabled "drive watching" (it think, it is called like this).
> You can use a workaround for this. Change the xml files which contain
> "Eject Media" to run your command to eject this. Example:
> root at mythbox:/usr/share/mythtv# grep Eject *.xml
> musicmenu.xml:      <text>Eject media</text>
> optical_menu.xml:      <text>Eject media</text>
> videomenu.xml:      <text>Eject media</text>
> Comment out or delete "<action>EJECT</action>" and add:
> <exec>/usr/bin/eject -T /dev/dvd</exec>
> "-T" closes the drive if open and opens it if closed.
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