[mythtv-users] ivtv0, MPEG buffers full. Dropping Data

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Sat Jan 5 02:58:57 UTC 2008

Daniel Arfsten <darfsten at hotmail.com> writes:
> I am seeing the error a lot now. I can't think of what I have done to the machine to cause this? I have only 1 PVR-350 in the main backend/frontend and a PVR-500 on a Secondary Backend/Frontend. I do all my watching of my recordings on my xbox thru xbmcmythtv though. It may because I was transcoding downloading avi files to mpeg compliant files for burning to DVD using devede? BUt I can't be sure because I can't read the time through dmesg? Here are some more of the errors at the end of the dmesg which I just ran now. I can't speak for the recordings as I am way behind and haven't watched any recent recordings. I'll check them out tonight after work to see if there are missing frames and whatnot. Thanks for the reply. Happy New Year

If you are using 0.20, it has a design flaw in that the same thread
that reads data from your capture card also inserts data  into the
seek table for every frame. One of the things that seem to affect this
is the size of the database, and the other seems to be which kernel
version you are running.

Since you say you are way behind in watching recordings, I'd guess
your database is getting large enough so that you start hitting the

If this is the problem then you can either upgrade to the latest SVN
version, or apply the patch in http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/1660
to your 0.20 source.

The other thing you can try it to upgrade your kernel. When I switch
from the 2.4 series of kernels to 2.6, I found that the new kernels
really sucked at sharing resources. It was very easy for one process
(especially one that does a lot of I/O) to mess up watching and/or
recording programs. 2.6.23 is the first kernel I've tried that worked
as well as the 2.4 kernels in this regard. YMMV
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