[mythtv-users] newbie: mythtv-setup without menus?

Mogens Kjaer mk at lemo.dk
Fri Jan 4 11:27:49 UTC 2008

Robin Neatherway wrote:
>> What have I done wrong?
> Try forcing the QT painter rather than the OpenGL one. mythtv-setup
> -OThemePainter=qt (or similar). Use mythtv-setup --help to check.

$ mythtv-setup -OThemePainter=qt --geometry 1280x1024
Invalid argument: -OThemePainter=qt
Valid options are:
-display X-server              Create GUI on X-server, not localhost
--geometry WxH                 Override window size settings
-geometry WxH+X+Y              Override window size and position
-v or --verbose debug-level    Use '-v help' for level info

Using --help gives me the same list of valid options.

Mogens Kjaer, mk at lemo.dk

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