[mythtv-users] Channel 7 in Australia - upcoming dvb parameters change

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Fri Jan 4 00:49:54 UTC 2008

Jarrod Harch wrote:
> Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
>> Jarrod Harch wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I haven't seen mention of this on the list so I thought I'd post this 
>>> for anyone who isn't aware - Channel 7 are making some changes to their 
>>> broadcast settings, bringing code rate etc settings in line with most 
>>> other networks.
>> Thanks Jarrod, I wasn't aware of this - wonered why Seven had dropped of
>> my tunable channels, just presumed my reception had worsened.
>> Anyone know where I update the settings for MythTV for this?
> Hi Lindsay, maybe you just need to use mythtv-setup to find the 
> transport for Channel 7, and rescan it? Remember to check the xmltvid 
> for the newly-scanned channels so you get tv guide data.
> Otherwise you could use the transport editor to change these settings.
> Mythtv stores these settings in the dtv_multiplex table. The channel 
> table uses the mplexid to lookup the correct transport in dtv_multiplex. 
> But best to avoid messing with the database directly, and try to tune 
> the channels with mythtv-setup.
> Cheers
> J
> _______________________________________________
This is strange as I have been using what came out of dvb-utils scan for 
ages and nothing has changed. Channel 7, or Prime in my case, has been 
happily ticking along for 2 years on various Myth versions without 
changing anything. Infact, when I do a scan in Myth everything gets 
screwed up so the channels.conf of old is the only way to fix it.


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