[mythtv-users] frontend constantly skipping/dropping frames

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Thu Jan 3 17:15:30 UTC 2008

Tim Sawyer wrote:
> On Thursday 03 Jan 2008, R wrote:
>>> Have you tried running with XvMC enabled?
>>> _______________________________________________
>> Nope, I did not do that.
>> Don't know how to do it.
>> Please tell me.
> I've got a similar issue using a Jetway 1.2Ghz C7 board and 1Gb of memory.  
> Mine seems to pause in time with disk access.  I recently did a 
> glxinfo > tmp.txt
> and that caused the video to pause whilst it wrote the file, which leads me to 
> believe I have a problem with disk access causing pauses in playback.
> XvMC didn't seem to help with me, but you could try it.  In your front end 
> look in:
> Utilities/Setup
> Setup
> TV Settings
> Playback
> and change the preferred MPEG2 decoder.  There's a Via XvMC option you can try 
> here too.

If it is a disk access problem (which is possible given VIA's problem 
prone chipsets) and it is a frontend only machine, then it he might try 
diskless booting.

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