[mythtv-users] SVN Head - how do I use Playback Groups

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Wed Jan 2 23:20:19 UTC 2008

Confused of NZ here (again!!)

I've got a few episodes of a series that I want to access easily so I
thought that creating a new Playback Group and moving the programs to it
would allow me to get to them quickly using the 'Change Group Filter' menu
item in the 'Watch Recordings' screen.

Wrong - seems that the only thing I can filter on is show category or

So I thought that maybe I had to use 'Change Group View' to select
something other than category to filter on. It was actually set to title
so I tried each in turn until I got to 'Show Searches' which cleared the
display (obviously no Searches to show!!). Trouble was, I then had to kill
the frontend as it was hung. Going back into 'Change Group View', I was
able to enable 'Title' again and get a display back again.

Now it appears that I can filter on Recording Group - but I can't find
anywhere to set it or to move shows between Recording Groups.

Am I looking at menu items that haven't been implemented yet or am I just
missing something really obvious?


Robin Gilks

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