[mythtv-users] Transcode Playback Speed = Up and Down

RtX riverty at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 20:47:18 UTC 2008

After importing a DVD in Mythtv using transcode, the playback of the movie
slows down every, say 2 seconds. Almost like a studder in the playback but
it doesn't stop, it "looks" like it slows down and then picks back up to
proper running speed. Audio is fine. If I use my workstation (not the Myth
box) to rip and transcode the same DVD, playback of the resulting .avi in
Myth is fine. Only if I rip / transcode the DVD in Myth does this happen.
This indicates that it's not a playback issue but rather the rip / transcode
on the Myth box that does it. Any ideas?


Ty Unes - Overland Park, Ks.
riverty at gmail.com
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