[mythtv-users] NFS and remote backend

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Jan 2 17:19:50 UTC 2008

On Jan 1, 2008, at 8:31 AM, jongi wrote:

> Mike Barnard wrote:
>>> Both systems are F8 but the nfs is painfully slow between them.  
>>> ftp though runs at over 1MB/s and nfs is nowhere near that speed.  
>>> so when i run the videos on the remote frontend they are often  
>>> jerky. Without the nfs share I found that I couldn't find the  
>>> records/videos on the remote backend. Is there something I am  
>>> missing?
>>     1MB/sec is painfully slow for FTP, at least on a 100 megabit  
>> network. You should be seeing close to 10 times that. Are you sure  
>> your network cables are good? I've seen badly-wired homemade cables  
>> hose up a connection like this. Of course, there are lots of other  
>> possibilities as well.
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> it's via wireless. the computer that serves as the master be/fe is  
> downstairs and on the other side of the house

Could you post the /etc/exports and /etc/fstab lines you're using?   
Maybe you need to tweak your NFS options.

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