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Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Jan 2 15:43:29 UTC 2008

On Jan 2, 2008 9:05 AM, Steve Smith <st3v3.sm1th at gmail.com> wrote:

> A question for the transcoding gurus out there.
> I currently use the inbuilt Myth transcoding options to transcode many of
> my shows.
> It's set to transcode to:
>     MPEG4
>     2400kbps
>     MP3 audio with 32K sample rate.
> This seems to produce NUV files (and good results played back on MythFE or
> VLC player on Windows).
> For Xmas I got a Yamada DVD player that can play back DIVX, XVID, MP4 etc.
> Unfortunately it won't play the NUV files even if I rename them to AVI.
> I've tried getting ffmpeg to rewrite them to an AVI container using:
>       ffmpeg -i FILE.nuv -f avi -vcodec copy -acodec copy OUT.avi
> However, what I get then is a file where the video plays at roughly twice
> the speed of the audio!
> So my questions are:
>      1) HOW do I convert the NUV files to a playable AVI (as in playable
> on a "standards" based divx/mp4 player)?
>      2) Can I do this WITHOUT further transcoding?
>      3) Can I get Myth to do the transcoding correctly in the first place?
> (I'd accept having to rename the file, re-transcoding seems a bit
> pointless).

To answer 3, yes you can, but you need to use another program in place of
mythtranscode like ffmpeg or mencoder and convert directly to the format you
want as a post-recording user job.

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