[mythtv-users] Refresh Rate reported for interlaced output (was: New nVidia 169.07 and interlace changes)

Mark Kendall mark.kendall at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 01:16:09 UTC 2008

On 31/12/2007, Alex Halovanic <halovanic at gmail.com> wrote:
> I finally found the other patch for vsync Mark Kendall made:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/270570#270570
> Applying this one on top of all the other tweaks in this thread brings things
> quite a bit closer to good interlaced playback.  It's now coming out of a
> single pause to a synced picture nearly 100% of the time.  Curiously, almost
> every time when I start playing a recording it begins unsynced.  Pausing it
> fixes it, then any time I skip around it goes back to being unsynced very
> reliably.  However, a couple of times when I began playback it started up
> perfectly synced and then maintained it when I skipped around!  I suspect if
> I could just determine a way to get it to start up synced properly and also
> resync whenever it drops frames it would be just about there.

My first time online for almost 6 weeks, so I may be out of date here
and I definitely haven't had a chance to test the latest binary

That patch was one of my earlier attempts to fix interlacing sync. If
you can use the opengl video renderer, the 'Interlaced' deinterlacer
should give you a more consistent result. It seems to be display
dependant (i.e. tv brand/model - not gpu etc) but seems to cope etter
with minor playback glitches etc and with some hardware will stay in
sync 100% of the time.

Now that (I think) there is double rate software deinterlacer support
in trunk (as needed for the greedy/yadif deinterlacers), I intent to
write a cpu based version of the same filter in the near future which
should give a more accessible solution for all.



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