[mythtv-users] CentOS 5.1 support

Markus Espenhain markus at espenhain.org
Tue Jan 1 15:50:44 UTC 2008

Hello Phill,

Phill Edwards wrote:
>> I have installed centos 5.1 and mythtv works fine.
>> I have installed mythtv by using atrpms, but it is IMHO better to
>> disable and enable this repo explicit with the
>> command 'yum --enablerepo=atrpms install/update <packet>'
> Thanks for the info. Just so I fully understand, with this method you
> still have a .repo file for atrpms, but by default its disabled with
> the line "enabled=0"? Then you want to install/update a package from
> atrpms you enable it as per the command line above?

yes, this is correct.
This is IMHO the best way.



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