[mythtv-users] External tuner

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Tue Jan 1 09:37:06 UTC 2008

Hey group.

I have a Inetbox 300s ( Clon of  Dreambox 500S) which I'm planning to 
integrate into My MythTV setup which is a under the stairs solution.

I'm in doubt of how/what I'll should write the "change channel" script 
for MythTv.
I have written the script that holds most of the changing process using 
wget to use the webinterface on the Inetbox.

But since I have connected to Inetbox to the RGB tuner on my PVR500 - 
but there you define your external channel change commands. But how do 
MythTV tell a external tuner with well 50channels howto use the rigth 
commands for up and down.

Since I need to do it like this for use the webinterface:
# Commands for changing the channels:
# Up
if [ "$1" = "up" ]; then
        cd /scripts/garbage
        wget http://$DREAMBOX/cgi-bin/rc?105 &

# Down
elif [ "$1" = "down" ]; then
        cd /scripts/garbage
        wget http://$DREAMBOX/cgi-bin/rc?106 &

# Menu EXIT
elif [ "$1" = "down" ]; then
        cd /scripts/garbage
        wget http://$DREAMBOX/cgi-bin/rc?1 &

This means that - a command like this:
./ch_chan.sh up
gives the signal to the Inetbox to change only 1 channel up.
So do I need to write all. how do I do this better.



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