[mythtv-users] Intro---

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Tue Jan 1 07:18:31 UTC 2008

On Dec 31, 2007, at 10:57 PM, Chuck Needham wrote:

> Hi Brad,
> Thanks for the feedback. The only reason for the CF would be no moving
> parts and low power. I can live with the MySQL being on a small HDD. I
> have a few older drives laying around, I just found my 8GB drive (IBM
> DYLA-28100) that's been collecting dust for 2 years, from when I  
> rebuilt
> my music-media laptop. If it still runs it should do okay for a DB  
> drive
> if MySQL can be set up to use it. I'm wondering if I can set up the  
> with the DF as master (boot drive) and the 8GB drive as slave. Would I
> still not want the rest of MythTV (sans MySQL) installed on the CF?

Sure, you can do that. Another option you might consider is your  
backend on a noisy machine hidden away somewhere and the frontend as a  
diskless system near the display.
Also, don't forget your mysql database doesn't have to be on a myth  
box at all. Neither does mythweb. One of the great things about mythtv  
is that you can multipurpose any of your machines to run as much or  
little of the system as you like.

> As for the 4 GB of DDR2, I just want to avoid delays with page files
> but I forget... this wouldn't be a WinDOZE machine. If I can do it  
> in 2
> GB then I will.

I never page with 1.5GB so 2GB should be just as much joy. You should  
tweak your MySQL settings to use up some of that RAM that will  
otherwise be unused. Faster record seek times make for happier myth  

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