[mythtv-users] Mail Systems, was:Hauppauge HD PVR

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 19:11:41 UTC 2008

> I'm just saying that the farther away something is the more likely you
> are to have problems accessing it. I like IMAP because the mail is
> stored on the server, not my local machine, and POP has problems if
> you access from more than one client.

I don't know that even we disagree about anything here, but I like gmail
because the *client* stays on the server,  as well as the  email.

As for POP, I was suggesting that one could run a POP client (leave mail on
server),  but not use it as their regular mail client, for the sole purpose
of accessing email archives in the absence of an internet connection.


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