[mythtv-users] Hauppauge HD PVR (A bit more info for those starved for it)

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Feb 29 18:08:58 UTC 2008

On Feb 29, 2008, at 9:54 AM, Graham Wood wrote:

>> One nice thing about Google is that you do not have to change your
>> email address when you change ISPs. The ISPs love to give you a  
>> "free"
>> email account in an attempt to lock you in to their "service".
> You're locked to google instead - how is that any better?

You don't have to pay google. That's how it's better. My roommate  
still pays $9.95/month for his earthlink account because he doesn't  
believe he can ever give up that email address he has been using for  
years and years. I run my own servers and have my own domains so I  
don't have to worry about that sort of thing, but it's the same reason  
so many people still pay AOL as well as their cable provider for  
internet access. This is the reason the FCC ruled that you are allowed  
to keep your telephone number when you change providers.  
Unfortunately, that's not really possible with email addresses.

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