[mythtv-users] Issues recording

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 27 02:50:49 UTC 2008

Roger Heflin wrote:
> Harry Devine wrote:
>> Everyone,
>> I've asked bits and pieces of this question in prior posts with 
>> little to no response, so this is my "every so often try again" 
>> post.  I have a Myth box running FC6 and SVN from 11/19/07 via 
>> ATRPMs.  I have a pcHD5500 card in it, along with Firewire connected 
>> to my Motorola DCT-3412 STB.  I have Comcast in Southern New Jersey 
>> (just outside of Atlantic City).
>> Now, when I scan for channels, I get 50 OTA channels (local ABC in 
>> standard broadcast as well HD, etc.).  I have approximately 300 
>> channels that show up as UNKNOWN#???? (i.e UNKNOWN117#3).  I 
>> understand completely about how the streams are being sent, but I can 
>> never tune them at all.  I can only tune the OTA channels.
>> What perplexes me on this is that if I take the main cable in my 
>> house and plug it into my cable-ready TV, I can tune channels 2-99 
>> just fine.  I would expect the same thing to happen on my pcHD5500 
>> card, at least on the analog portion.  So I began to think that I 
>> must have some sort of configuration/setup issue.
>> So I went through mythtv-setup again tonight and jotted down what I 
>> thought would be the relevant settings, hoping one of you gurus would 
>> spot something (obvious to you) that I may have overlooked.  I went 
>> with Myth so I could record programs, and currently cannot.  I can 
>> listen to music, watch videos, see pictures, listen to Sirius 
>> Satellite Radio, but the main function I wanted was to record 
>> programs and this part is severely lacking.
>> Option 1, under General, screen 2:
>>     TV Format:   NTSC
>>     VBI Format:   None
>>     Channel Frequency Table: us-cable
>> Option 2: Capture Cards
>>     Card shows up as DVB DTV capture card (v3.x)
>>     Frontend ID: DViCO v2 or Air2PC v3 or pcHD5500 Subtype: ATSC
>>     Analog options:           Video Device: /dev/video0
>>           Probed Info:   pcHD5500 HDTV [cx8800]
>>           VBI Device:   /dev/vbi
>>           Audio Device:   /dev/dsp
>>           Audio sampling rate limit:   48000
>>           Default Input:   Television
>> Option 3: Video Sources
>>        I have 1 SchedulesDirect lineup defined which has all channels 
>> given by Comcast, based on my zip code.  I called this Video source 
>> 'CableDigital'
>>        Frequency Table:   us-cable
>> Option 4: Input Connections
>>        [DVB:0] -> CableDigital
>>        [V4L: /dev/video0] -> CableDigital
>>        [Firewire] -> CableDigital
>> Sorry for the long post, but I'm really stumped as to why, as I feel, 
>> something so basic, that it seems like everyone on this list has 
>> working, doesn't work for me.  Do I just live in a bad area?  Does 
>> Comcast just screw me over so I HAVE to use their DVR (which I have, 
>> BTW, but they keep raising the price on me)?  Most of the programs 
>> that I want to record are on what I call "basic" cable (channels 
>> 2->99).  I don't even care about recording things in HD at the 
>> moment.  Someday, sure, but not currently.
>> Thank you very much for any help.  Let me know if I can provide any 
>> further information.
>> Harry
> Harry,
> Can the channels in the lineup CableDigital be found on DVB:0, V4L and
> the firewire?    /dev/video0 should be the analog channels, DVB:0 should
> be the digital ATSC channels and I don't know what the firewire is in
> your setup.
> I have different lineup's (and channel lists) for my digital channels and
> my analog channels, I believe (I could be wrong) that if you use the same
> lineup for both it thinks that it can find all of the channels on a given
> input that it cannot actually find all of the channels on, and things 
> won't
> work correctly.   bcast is the broadcast analog lineup, and bcast-hdtv is
> my broadcast digital lineup.
> Mine looks like this:
> tuner1 (/dev/video0) -> bcast   (PVR150)
> tuner2 (/dev/video2) -> bcast    (PVR150)
> DVB:0 -> bcast-hdtv (HD5500)
> Given that I have to older analog cards I did not bother defining the
> analog part of the HD5500 to be bcast, but I would expect you to have
> to separate the channels.
> Also, life with DVB gets easier with later kernels, what kernel do you
> have on the FC6 box?   My mythbackend is running FC7 right now with a
> 2.6.23 variant, starting at maybe .21/.22 all of the proper drivers
> are built in correctly.
>                             Roger
>                               Roger
Thanks for the reply.  I guess I'll answer the last question first:  
uname -a shows 2.6.20-1.2944.fc6 for my kernel.  If upgrading to a newer 
distro would help, like F8, then I'd do that.  As for the lineups, are 
you recommending something like this?:

       CableBroadcast = my "analog" channels (2-99)
       CableDigital = my "OTA" channels (HDTV channels, etc.)

I always wondered if having only 1 lineup was going to cause problems.  
Sounds like that might be the case.  Could the fact that I have my TV 
format set to NTSC and the subtype on the analog portion of the pcHD500 
card set to ATSC be causing some of this too?


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