[mythtv-users] Mytharchive to DVD, cutlist defined, selected, log says using it.... but cut items still there

Gareth Glaccum gareth.glaccum at btopenworld.com
Tue Feb 26 20:05:15 UTC 2008

Still not getting anywhere, but as an update the cutlists are visible on all 
the machines.

mythcommflag --getcutlist -f 1005_20080212205900.mpg
2008-02-26 20:02:57.250 Using runtime prefix = /usr
2008-02-26 20:02:57.260 New DB connection, total: 1
2008-02-26 20:02:57.298 New DB connection, total: 2
Cutlist: 0-4584,22068-28493,45017-51498,68143-74624,86878-95940

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