[mythtv-users] A Toronto, ON Area MythTV mailing list

Colin McGregor spamtrap151 at rogers.com
Tue Feb 26 16:14:36 UTC 2008

Just to note, there is now a greater Toronto area (GTA) MythTV mailing list, 
courtesy of Drew Sullivan.

To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (minus the quote marks) as the only 
thing in the body of the message to mythtv at ss.org (unsubscribe being done by 
sending "unsubscribe" (minus the quote marks) to the same address).

The problem with the MythTV-Users mailing list is two fold, first a fair bit 
of the material doesn't have application here in the GTA (issues with US 
cable companies or equipment issues for European MythTV users). Second issue 
is the above mailing list is fairly high volume (100+ messages per day).

So, the goal with this mailing list is to have a modest volume, greater 
Toronto area centric source of information about MythTV.

Colin McGregor

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