[mythtv-users] AppleTV with Linux

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Sun Feb 24 23:27:17 UTC 2008

>  > none as yet, hdmi audio support is just starting up in alsa so it's
>>  still too soon to tell if these efforts can be applied to the appletv
>>  hdmi chipset.
>There have been 4 HDA-Intel HDMI related changes in the latest version 
>of ALSA, I wonder if these are related? I have just bought myself an
>Apple TV, I will have to experiment with the latest drivers!

All are ATI related, the AppleTV uses the Silicon Image SiI1930CTU.

For Linux on the AppleTV there are pre-patched versions with source of

1) parted (create gpt partition with recovery GUID)
2) diskdev_cmds (create/repair hfs/hfsplus partitions)
3) darwin-cross (i386)

here (more to follow later)

no instructions/wki yet -- refer to
http://wiki.awkwardtv.org/wiki/Main_Page and

for info.

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