[mythtv-users] 720p (fox/abc) nvidia playback + time stretch = Video is 3.0XXXXX frames behind audio

Michael Rice mikerice1969 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 20:20:28 UTC 2008

I've noticed these in my frontend logs:

2008-02-23 11:47:29.328 NVP: Video is 3.03216 frames behind audio (too
slow), dropping frame to catch up.
2008-02-23 11:47:29.662 NVP: Video is 3.00736 frames behind audio (too
slow), dropping frame to catch up.

They seem to always appear on 720p content when time stretch is used.
Any amount of time stretch from 1.05 to 1.5 causes the same 3.0xxx
frames behind.  Pausing doesn't correct it.  Watching the video I
don't think I can detect any problem but it certainly is filling up my
log.  Top is reporting ~40% use by mythfrontend and 3% by X so not a
CPU resource issue.  No problems on 1080i HD playback at any time
stretch value.

I tried a bunch of different playback options and wasn't able to get
rid of it.  At the moment:

2008-02-23 11:59:45.054 VDP: Accepting: cmp(> 0 0) dec(ffmpeg) cpus(0)
rend(xv-blit) osd(softblend) osdfade(enabled)
deint(linearblend,onefield) filt()

2008-02-23 11:59:45.675 Using audio as timebase
2008-02-23 11:59:45.675 Video timing method: RTC

This frontend is Fedora8 with Nvidia 7300 graphics and drivers
100.14.19.  I tried this on my backend/occasional frontend with
onboard Intel graphics and it plays fine there without the 3.0xxxx
frames behind.  So I am going to try different driver versions and see
if that helps... but does anyone have an idea about this?

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