[mythtv-users] help needed in defining custom recording

Mudit Wahal mwahal at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 17:40:50 UTC 2008


I'm recording shows on dish network on international channel. Unfortunately,
there is no information coming from the ScheduleDirect/TMS about the show
except for the title name. So, there is no way to find if its duplicate etc
based on program ID or description etc.

There are two episodes aired in a week. The original first episode is aired
at 4pm Friday and and its rebroadcast at 9pm friday as well as 8:30am next
day on Saturday. The second original episode is aired at 4pm Saturday and
rebroadcast at 9pm sat and 8:30am sunday.

Now, if I set record only one each day, I pick up friday's episode twice
(4pm and sat 8:30am). In order to record all the episodes I've to set find
all and record them. But it means I've 2 friday recordings and 3 sat
recordings and 1 sunday. What I really want is to define something like

EP_AirTime : ( 4pm today OR 9pm today OR 8:30am tomorrow)

Then set to record one instance of EP_AirTime. This description of airtime
exceeds the conventional "day" boundary, but still lets me record exactly
ONE new episode. In normal case, EP1 at 4pmonFriday and EP2 at 4pmonSat will be
recorded. But in case there is a high priority program being recorded on
friday from 4pm to 10pm, then EP1 at 8:30amonSat and EP2 at 4pmonSat will be
recorded. Or any other similar scenarios can be implemented as long as we
have defined the episode air times correctly.

Right now, I've set to record one episod each day. Then I goto mythweb and
manually disable sat 8:30 recording and enable the 4pm recording. Still its
not foolproof if I forgot to do it or something else at higher priority is
set to record at that time.

Any ideas/pointers/etc ?


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