[mythtv-users] Solved: CC (and maybe Teletext) to DVD

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Sat Feb 23 06:45:50 UTC 2008

Hi John,

Thanks for letting me know you're interested. If it weren't for the fact 
that I share DVDs with friends and family, the CC support in MythTV's 
internal player would meet my needs.

Somehow, I never came across ccextractor in all my googling, although I 
did come across some code that exported CCs to .srt, which I understand 
spumux supports.

What I like about libzvbi is that it can render all aspects of NTSC CC: 
italics (often used to indicate an off screen speaker), the occasional 
use of colors, as well as the quirky NTSC CC character set with it's 
handful of Spanish and French characters and the musical note.

I haven't looked closely at the .srt format. I vaguely recall a 
wikipedia page that lead me to believe it didn't support italics or 
colors. Is that correct?

How about the Spanish & French characters? Do they survive the export 
process to be displayed by the various Linux players?

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