[mythtv-users] multiple frontends on same machine

Bert Van Kets mythtv-users at vankets.com
Fri Feb 22 08:32:23 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 02/21/2008 01:58 PM, Nick F wrote:
>> On 2/21/08, Bert Van Kets <mythtv-users at vankets.com> wrote:
>>> However, sometimes I do want to perform two actions at the same time or
>>> pause one and temporarily run another.
>>> Some examples are:
>>> - index my 100GB music collection in background while watching a recording
>>> - pause a live view and switch to another program while the wife is out
>>> of the room
>>> - listen to music while watching pictures or cutting recordings.
>>> - listen to music while surfing the web or reading feeds.
>> Are you sure you need to have two frontends running (with the complications
>> of two programs trying to access the video and audio cards, etc.
>> For your examples:
>> - Reindexing my 90GB music collection only takes 2 minutes tops - so it's
>> not a big deal for me to wait for it (maybe the indexing is better in trunk
>> than 0.20?)
>> - Pause a live view and switch - have you tried using the PiP functionality?
>> - Listening to music which watching pictures, surfing web, reading feeds -
>> this functionality is already in trunk (miniplayer) and works great.  You
>> can't listen to music while cutting recordings though.
>> So - if you're still on 0.20 (MythDora) it might be worth upgrading to
>> 0.21-fixes (now or when it released) and how many of your concerns are
>> already addressed.
> And I'm pretty sure with 0.21-fixes/trunk you'll have an issue with the 
> frontend trying and failing to bind to ports already in use by the other 
> running instance of the frontend, causing the second instance to fail to 
> start properly.  I.e. it's not designed to allow multiple frontends to 
> run on one system.
> Mike
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Thanks for the heads up on the new features. I will try it out. Just 
need to find a timeslot where I have solo access to the MythBox. :-/
It dawned on me yesterday that there is one major problem with running 
two frontends: the remote. It will controll both instances at the same 
time. That is a major show stopper and makes my idea not executable 
without major hacking (which I'd rather do on the main app).

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