[mythtv-users] FE+BE & SBE configuration

pinthenet at payne.ch pinthenet at payne.ch
Fri Feb 22 08:14:53 UTC 2008

After experimenting with a couple of machines I'm planning to  
implement a real solution and I'd be grateful for some comments...

I plan to setup one backend running in the cellar with 2 PVR150s  
connected to analog cable, and a second BE/FE running in the living  
room with an HVR1300 connect to a DVB-T antenna as I can't get the  
DVB-T feed down to the cellar at the moment. I will have a Gb LAN  
connection between the 2.

Which one should be the MBE, or doesn't it really matter? Downstairs  
I'm using an existing Sempron 3000+ machine with 1.5GB RAM and  
upstairs I'm building a new machine with AMD X2 4800 & 2GB RAM, but  
microATX so there's not much space for cards.

At some point in the future I plan to install a satellite dish and  
I'll be looking at HDTV too - will the X2 4800 be adequate or should I  
already plan a faster CPU?


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