[mythtv-users] Y not in NYC

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Feb 20 17:45:16 UTC 2008

Micheal Drew wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>     There has been times I have looked at this group and see how people 
> from different states get together to solve one common goal to help one 
> another with there MYTHTV issues. How come I see no one try to get a 
> group together and see if that is feasable here in NYC. I know I'm not 
> an expert but a noob. But there are things I would like to learn and 
> know. If there can be a group of MYTHTV experts who would want to have 
> something is NYC I can help to try to get an location. If anyone has a 
> location that they are will to donate free for this its better if not 
> there will have to be a charge just to cover the rental any extra money 
> will go to a charitable organization. If no one is going to jump on the 
> bandwagon then enjoy your day.

Unfortunately I no longer live in NYC (used to live at B'Way and 56th 

If you do get a MythTV group together you might want to send a 
notification to the NYC chapter of the SBE (Society of Broadcast 
Engineers). They have a lot of members who are also Linux devotees.




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