[mythtv-users] Quick-boot linux?

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Tue Feb 19 23:36:49 UTC 2008

I lost the original e-mail that started this thread, so I'm just 
responding mid-stream.  (sorry)

So far, most everyone has talked about suspend/resume, which is great, 
but I wonder if anyone has tried any of the several replacements for the 
init process, such as initNG or Upstart?

This article speaks to what they do, and how they do it:


I think UpStart is already in Ubuntu, and scheduled to be included (if 
not enabled) in Fedora 9.

I haven't tried either one of these, just curious if anyone else has?  I 
wonder how much time they save on the boot process compared to the 
standard init process?

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