[mythtv-users] Petition to Toshiba to release specifications for their HD-DVD players

Patrick Davila pdavila at thelinuxlink.net
Tue Feb 19 14:49:08 UTC 2008

So Toshiba has officially surrendered in the HD format war. Iíve started
an online Petition asking Toshiba to release the specifications for their
entire line of HD-DVD players:

Wouldnít it be cool to use your player as an HD capable MythTV frontend?
Toshiba HD-DVD players are powered by a MIPS processor and already run
Linux with BusyBox. They are network capable (with an ethernet port) and
have a full set of video connections. Whether Toshiba responds is any
bodyís guess. The more signatures the better. Please sign the petition
even if you donít own an HD-DVD player. Thanks in advance.

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