[mythtv-users] Quick-boot linux?

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon Feb 18 20:05:43 UTC 2008

On February 18, 2008, Ronald Frazier wrote:
> > How long does your distro take to boot into MythFrontend?
> About a 80-90 seconds. This is a debian lenny box doing a diskless boot.
> > Can anyone recommend a cut-down distro that would boot in under 20 secs
> > straight into Myth...is that possible at the moment?
> One way is to use suspend to ram. That the approach I'm taking. Then
> you only have to tolerate a full reboot time if the power goes out.

Do you have any issues with the NFS root + S2RAM combination?  Were there 
gotchas involved? I've always been a tad nervous about that one...

I've been planning to try to get S2RAM working on my diskless frontend (a 700 
MHz Pentium III). I'd really like to have it on nearly instantly.  In that 
case, I would turn it off a lot more often, and save lotsa power.

Now if only I could power it on/revive it with my remote, without investing 
even more money in this little hobby.


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