[mythtv-users] Recording input from a Camcorder

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Sun Feb 17 15:50:29 UTC 2008

schwarzbob at charter.net wrote:
> I have a Hauppage PVR 500 card and I would like to take a recording from a Digital Video Camera into my Linux system.  Is this something that myth can deal with through the composite or svideo inputs?  Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.  I look at the myth configuration but it seems very TV orientedl

I'd look at something like digikam or similar.  Your digital camera 
should have digital files; why go digital->analog->digital; it will take 
lots longer, use more CPU horsepower, and give you worse images.  Plus 
you will lose all your scene info, making editing much harder.

There are linux-based movie editing packages for 'real' editors.

I use digikam to preview and download the clips, and avidemux to crop 
them, and then some scripts to create flash video for the website.


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