[mythtv-users] Advice on Proposed setup UK DVB-T

Nick F nikos.f at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 13:06:43 UTC 2008

On Feb 15, 2008 5:06 PM, Simon Kenyon <simon at koala.ie> wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 12:54 +0000, Steve Smith wrote:
> > I think the key thing here is ..... * UK * . Here in the UK we don't
> > really have HD yet (apart from limited Sky and Virigin services & then
> > you don't get the raw digital signal). So unless you're downloading it
> > HD playback probably isn't required. SD only is all that's needed.
> of course that is only really true for the next 6 weeks or so.
> bbc/itv lanuch freesat which will give you HD (with Channel 4 coming
> later this year)
> Or not wait at all and get BBC HD which is broadcast on DVB-S already for
free.  Of course decoding the h.264 stream without stuttering requires a
supercomputer on steroids (or at least a reasonable Core 2 Duo or equivalent
now that Myth supports both cores being used in ffmpeg for decode)
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