[mythtv-users] Fastest RAID for HD?

Markus Schulz msc at antzsystem.de
Sat Feb 16 02:01:19 UTC 2008

Am Samstag, 16. Februar 2008 schrieb John Drescher:
> >  sorry but thats not true. Show me a raid5 with 5-6 drives which
> > will got
> >
> >  >300MB/s _write_ performance...
> >
> >  Fastest Raid _WITH_ redundancy was raid10.
> That is only the fastest write performance. Read performance of
> raid10 is less than with the same # of drives in raid 5.

mostly (and my experience) not,  cause a raid10 can read from _each_ 
drive one stripe for a read requests of N-Stripes.
In theory you can get N*DriveSpeed = Read and N/2*DriveSpeed = Write 

Markus Schulz

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