[mythtv-users] New Version: 1.8 IMDB Bulk Updater for Videometa data

Ryan Pisani mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Fri Feb 15 02:11:23 UTC 2008

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There is a new version of the imdb-bulk-update.pl tool.

A user (xirtama) gave me a heads up that the latest version of imdb.pl
added a new field of output (Release Date), and was thus skewing the
values of the fields I was grabbing. This was causing blank Plots, cast,
etc. However, title, year, and the poster grab were still valid. I updated
the code and hopefully made it more resilient to change in future releases
of imdb.pl.

I also went ahead and added additional functionality to the -Folder flag
so that it can be used in conjunction with -N or -A. This will allow a
user to target a particular directory to search against. All other videos
will be ignored and paths will be ignored.

Please note the download link has changed.

The Readme and file can be obtained here:


The new package can be downloaded directly here:


Feedback is appreciated.


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