[mythtv-users] SQL to stop or extend an in-progress recording

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 19:02:05 UTC 2008

I have been playing with "Myth Recording Extender" in
hopes that it would help me with extending recordings
for college basketball games.  Immediately I ran into
the problem that MRE does not support college
basketball, so I wrote a class that does and got it to
work on "single" recordings.  However, my setup has a
power search configured for title "College Basketball"
and subtitle matching one of the teams I am interested

So, what I need to do is as follows.  Via SQL query
followed with a call to "mythbackend --resched", I
need to be able to:

1) Stop an in-progress recording.  I can already do
this through mythfrontend via the "Stop Recording"
choice so I assume this is possible.

2) Extend an in-progress recording.  Right now I can't
seem to do this through mythfrontend without changing
the rule itself -- if I change "end X minutes late"
this affects the rule as a whole and not the
individual recording.  Ideally I would like to make
the change only for a specific recording, keeping in
mind that two recordings may be going on at once.

I have searched this list and found what "not" to do
(edit the recordmatch table) but no answer on what
would work.  Is there some magic SQL, trick, or
command that will let me complete my rescheduler?

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