[mythtv-users] Fastest RAID for HD?

Emery Guevremont emery.guevremont at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 15:20:07 UTC 2008

John Drescher wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 9:49 AM, Mark Hutchinson <mark at onnow.net> wrote:
>> I have read a bunch of docs, but wanted to get some feedback or
>>  reports of results.
>>  HD system.  firewire capture etc....  3ghz Core2Duo, 5 sata ports.
>>  I have 5-500gig sata drives for storage.
>>  LVM would work, but provide no RAID.  RAID 5 is too slow from what I
>>  have read.
> With a modern CPU write speeds are > single disk speed but things slow
> down when you have a lot of thrashing. Read speeds are  nearly RAID 0
> for N-1 disks. I get 266MB/s hdparm reads on a 6 drive software raid 6
> (AM2 Althlon 3000 single core + 2GB PC6400 DDR2 + 6 X 320 Segate
> 7200.10) and 90MB/s writes.
Raid 6 sounds like an overkill for a myth setup. I would use RAID5 in 
your case. The chances of loosing 2 drives at the same time are pretty 
low. And usually the lost of 2 drives are usually caused by something 
else (motherboard or sata controller going bad) in which case there 
isn't much RAID can do against that. RAID5 is pretty fast. Like John 
mentionned it's almost like having a RAID0 with 4 disk except, you'll 
have distributed parity across 5 disks.
>>  I was thinking of also cutting up recordings ( dont mind losing ) and
>>  videos ( need some redundancy or backup )
>>  Thoughts, recommendations?
> I would use storage groups and mytharchive for the stuff you want to backup.
> John
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