[mythtv-users] A52 encoding with ALSA

Paul Bender pebender at san.rr.com
Thu Feb 14 06:11:39 UTC 2008

Justin wrote:
>  >You mean libasound_module_pcm_a52.so? It sounds like a distro
>  >problem- my ALSA is compiled from pristine source and it is there. YMMV.
>  >Charles
> Yes this is exactly what i'm referring to.  Right now i'm using Fedora 
> 8.  I have alsa installed from rpms.  I'm considering installing it from 
> source however the a52 plugin doesn't seem to compile for me.  Do you 
> know if there are any prereqs for this?

AFAIK, Fedora does not include the a52 plugin in its ALSA plugins. I 
suspect that the reason for excluding a52 is the same reason they do not 
include many A/V codecs.

As for prerequisites, I believe that it requires ffmpeg.

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