[mythtv-users] mythvideo and upnp

cock Goblin cock_goblin at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 05:37:02 UTC 2008

I am running version 0.20.20070821 and I am trying to import videos into mythvideo.  I use gentoo and I just emerged mythVideo.   Everything works and loads and I am not getting any obvious errors.

I have setup the directories and configured the frontend to access them.  When I go to Media Library -> Watch Videos  I see all the videos in the configured directory.  However I dont have the option to add the files to the database via IMDB, et al.  I just have the options to watch video, view full plot, and cancel.  How do I get the movie to list in the mythconverg database?  If I go to the setup -> video manager interface it just says that there are no Videos.

If I manually enter info into the database such as: movie title, inetref, filename, etc then I have the option to pull the full IMDB info from within video manager and it works perfectly.  Once I start video manager after I have manually entered database info then I get an error saying the file appears to be missing and it asks if I want to remove it from the database.  If I say no I can see all the info that it pulled and it works well.  However, once I enter a movie into the database manually it no longer is displayed under the Media Library -> Watch Videos section.

I guess the question is how are you supposed to populated the database with movie info.  I have searched the internet for a full day now and it seems that copying the files into the directory is the best way.  Howver I cant pull the info until after I have entered at least one piece of movie info such as inetref.  Also the movies will only list in the uPNP server after I have entered them into the mtyhconverg DB.  And then they list but the do not display any of the movie information but without putting them in the database they do not even show up.  

It seems i am missing a step somewhere to start the data enry process.  How should I enter movies.

Also regaring the file appears to be missing error that seems to be incorrect.  I can stream the movies from the machine to any client as long as the fiepath is correct.  If I put in a false path then the streaming does not work.  Yet I get the error if the file is valid and can stream or not.   

Anyone have any ideas on this??

So far I am loving all that Mythtv can do.  I just wish I had started using it long ago :-)

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