[mythtv-users] Joined files in MythVideo

Damian damian at gingermagic.co.uk
Wed Feb 13 16:42:39 UTC 2008

Sarah Hayes wrote:
> Damian wrote:
>> Sarah Hayes wrote:
>>> Damian wrote:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> I have a few films that are split into multiple files. I've asked about 
>>>> what to do with them before and was told about how to link them in the 
>>>> meta data and turn off the display setting for all but the first file. 
>>>> Linking the files with 'play file after' works fine (except for a few 
>>>> seconds pause between files .. anyway to get rid of that or am I being 
>>>> too fussy?), but I can't seem to stop multiple occurrences appearing in 
>>>> the selection gallery. All of my films which have 2 files are showing up 
>>>> twice in the gallery, even though I'm turning off the display setting. 
>>>> Any ideas what's going on? It no biggie, purely cosmetic, but it would 
>>>> be nice to sort it out.
>>> avimerge -i <file1> <file2> <fileX> -o <file.avi>  will join them up, 
>>> assuming it's an AVI file and not say mkv, mpg or such.
>>> In the video manager, turn off the browsable flag on the second part; 
>>> now and here's the trick.  In mythvideo, whilst viewing the media 
>>> library (i.e. looking for stuff to watch not adding new videos) pull up 
>>> the menu and select "Filter Display" go down to where it says 'browse' 
>>> and nudge it from 'All' to 'Yes', save that as the default.
>>> That should remove all media flagged as 'do not show'.  You will, 
>>> however, need to filter the display for all the different views if you 
>>> use them.
>> Hello again,
>> Your avimerge tip worked a treat. Everything is much neater now. 
>> However, one of my films has .srt subtitles split over two .avi files so 
>> I want to keep those files separate. I've set the flags of the second 
>> file not to show, but can not find the "Filter display" section that you 
>> describe in the gallery view. I've tried both the 'i' and 'm' keys. Am I 
>> using an old version of MythVideo or something? I'm using a Mythbuntu 
>> setup, but not SVN.
> Weird.  I'm on 20.x here (Ubuntu packages and Gentoo stable); if I go 
> Media Library -> Watch Video's and press m I get a menu with
> Filter Display
> Switch to Browse
> Switch to List
> Cancel
> on it, the two switch to's changing depending on what's in use... not 
> sure where yours has gone.
> Sarah
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I just get the two switch options in mine. Anduin's suggestion of 
pressing 'f' works, but don;t know why it's not in 'm'??

Thanks for the help

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