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Jon jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 16:08:04 UTC 2008

On Feb 13, 2008, at 2:31 AM, pibi wrote:

> hi !
> I am from Slovenia and this is my box
> ANTEC Fusion BLACK VERIS V2 case (includes 430w silent PS) - yes it  
> is SILENT - even 2x 12cm fans are OK
> MB ASUS M2A-VM-HDMI  (bluray+ hddvd ready MB with onboard X1250 ATI  
> HDMI video)
> AMD X2 3250 EE proc  (45 W power)
> 2x 1 GB GAIL PC2-6400 800 Mhz DDR2 RAM
> 500 GB Seagate SATAII 16 Mb cache
> DVD RW 18x on SATA
> Microsoft X110 IR kbd+mouse
> all together all new HW about 450 EU
> +
> Leadtek XP2000 Expert analog TV card - PAL color system
> Technotrend  TT USB CI-3650 S2 (mpeg4 HD) SAT receiver (with DBA  
> drivers for Vista and XP) for PAL color
> HW setup was fast, in 30 minutes everything started to work, ANTEC  
> manual is perfect
> Output to Panasonic Viera Plazma TV (43" i think) over HDMI and  
> digital audio to Marantz 5.1 system
> I started with Vista home ultimate - problems with Leadtek and TT  
> card - no way to go in MCE TV  but basicaly works with own players
> next i switched to Mythbuntu which was not so easy. Most problems -  
> big update (over 100 packages) yet no suport yet for  TT card.
> I set up 80GB for system, rest will be for data, I need just  
> frontend+recording no backend server
> Net is OK, 10Mb/1Mb VDSL flat rate

As I understand it, you don't intend to run a backend. You cannot  
record without a backend.

>  My question:
> Best config of system ( I can add another Hard drive if works better)
> Anybody have experience seting up similar system
> What to reconsider (change of components)
> Any idea how to setup DBA (not a database!) drivers for TT Sat card  
> - on Vista with TT-Center (proprietary SW from Technotrend)
> How to decrypt SAT channels which are protected - My box has a CI  
> for CAMs or over SW decryption  (I also have HUMAX SD box IRCI5400  
> with TOH SW)
> To get remote + new TV card - I search for Haupeage 500 with 2  
> MPEG2 encoders on board
> Any suggestion or warning about configuration (forget the price, I  
> am looking for quality)

Get a second hard drive. look for something small, in the 80-100gig  
range... split it into a couple partitions. Make one of them just for  
the database. Put your OS and database on that drive. Use the other  
solely for storage. It'll speed everything up.

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