[mythtv-users] Cost for new feature?

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Tue Feb 12 19:12:41 UTC 2008

First, mythtv is almost perfect piece of software.
But, there is one thing I would desperately need to be added.

Especially now, when multirec is there, there is need for external card 
reader support.
For example;
I have 1 pay card, and three tuners. First tuner has CAM, and this is 
only tuner what can show encrypted channels. Also, I had to set "virtual 
tuners" to 1 for that card, because CAM can decrypt only one channel at 
a time.

There is about 25 channels in air in Finland, and under 10 are free. So, 
multirec and multiple tuners are almost unnecessary here without better 
CAM system.

I think best solution would be support to external usb cam-reader 
(Hauppage or Phoenix reader) built in myth. Then it would be possible to 
use regular DVB-cards withous expensive CAM:s, and multirec would be 
super as man could watch and record all channels without CAM limits.

I think there is nothing unlegal, if support would be for card readers, 
not for "softcam" or etc. card sharing systems.
For example Hauppage has that kind of solution for windows.

What you developers say, is it possible to realise? Is there any 
interested developer? How much approximately would be the cost for that?

So, I have not enought coding skills to do that. But I'm willing to pay 
for it. Is there anybody else interested to share costs? Could we maybe 
arrange similar collection as there was for multirec? I think this would 
be much smaller project.

I know that there is "sasc-ng" available, but a) it has unlegal 
adaptations b) it is not compatible with multirec (as I know) c) it is 
not stable enough

Please comment this somehow.


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