[mythtv-users] DCT 6200capture into S-Video. Firewire change channel or IRBlaster?

Mark Hutchinson mark at onnow.net
Mon Feb 11 20:16:25 UTC 2008

As a potential solution for DCT to firewire capture audio and video ( 
long term issue with no solutions yet ), will this work?

DCT-6200 via SVideo input on PVR-500 card.
Firewire can change channel fine ( though there are capture issues not 
worth getting into here  ) so will I need to use an IR Blaster?

Is it possible to capture from DCT6200 via svideo into PVR500 without 
using IRBlaster??  Firewire only for channel change?

How would I set this up in mythtvset up?  Svideo for capture, but how to 
let it know to use the firewire for channel change?
Make sense?

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