[mythtv-users] Fedora and firewire capture? Anyone got it working?

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Mon Feb 11 19:24:49 UTC 2008

>> I am having problems getting firewire capture working with Fedora.
>> Specifically my backend locks up when I plug in the firewire cable. Does
>> anyone have this working? It works with ubuntu but I hate that distro.
>> Any help is appreciated.
> I was having the same problem using Fedora 8 with my iPod over firewire.
> I
> was able to get around it by reverting to the previous kernel version.
> I'm
> not at home right now, but I'll reply with the kernel version that works
> for
> me when I get home.
> I'd be interested to hear if anyone else is/was having this problem.
> Neither dmesg nor /var/log/messages contain any info.  The system just
> locks
> up as soon as you plug in the firewire.

Using ieee1394 from atrpms (http://atrpms.net/dist/f8/ieee1394/) should
fix your problem. Apparently the firewire stack changed in kernel 2.6.22

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