[mythtv-users] 1TB USB $225 US

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Mon Feb 11 18:34:14 UTC 2008

> On Feb 11, 2008 9:47 AM, Anthony R. Baker <baker at low-e.com> wrote:
>> On Feb 11, 2008 8:08 AM, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > On Feb 11, 2008 6:28 AM, Anthony R. Baker <baker at low-e.com> wrote:
>> > >
>> > >
>> >
>> > >     Does anyone think this wouldn't work for a standard def. system
>> > > Iomega 1TB Double USB 2.0 Desktop Hard Drive promo price $225.95
>> > >
>> > > Anthony R. Baker
>> > >
>> >
>> > I use only 400mb/S 1394 storage on two different backend server. It
>> > has always worked well for me. I would have no worries about trying
>> > USB. It will likely work out fine.
>> >
>> > Hope this helps,
>> > Mark
>> >
>> >Actually, it dawned on me that my local MythTV server is actually
>> >using USB2.0 as storage, not 1394. I use 1394 at a remote location
>> >only. The local server is two PVR-150 tuners. We often have two
>> >recordings happening while at the same time we have 3 people watching
>> >different programs on different TVs. I've never had a problem with the
>> >system that I could attribute to the disk drives being 'slow'. We've
>> >got about 18 months on this USB drive.
>> >If I was looking at HDTV recording then I would have to revisit
>> >whether this makes sense but for our backend needs it's been fine.
>> >Again, I hope this helps,
>> >Mark
>>     It does I've set up my setup 3 times now because of hardware and
>> while
>> it seemed like a no-brainer so did some of the other problems I had. One
>> of
>> the reasons I was thinking of this was to keep the heat in my system
>> down. I
>> have 2 300GB SATA drives in it now with mythdora on one and storage on
>> the
>> other. I have most of the free space on the first drive on its own
>> partition
>> and could let disk manager add it to storage but haven't been forced to
>> yet.With a usb drive added I would think mounting it to /storage/videos
>> would be the right thing but should/can I reformat or leave it Fat32?
> I think either is OK but personally I have used a Linux file system
> type myself. Note that as it's currently set up I wasn't able to get
> the Myth frontend working on my Windows box but decided it wasn't of
> enough interest to warrant making any changes. IIRC Windows wanted to
> see the drive as a Samba share or something and I didn't feel like
> doing the work to try and make that work. If I was going to try again
> I might load an ext3 driver on the Windows machine and see if I could
> read the drive that way. I already do that with ext3 partitions on my
> dual boot machines.
> Everyone watches Myth across a 54Mb/S wireless link. We don't have
> many problems so I don't know why folks would be high on Gigabit
> networking. I'm probably not smart enough to see the reason. If I did

   Wireless can be a big can of worms.

   OTOH, wired ethernet is something that's been a stable and well
established technology since long before any form of wireless was

   Gigabit isn't strictly necessary but it's cheap and available.
Treating storage on separate boxes as if it were locally attached
can be a very handy thing.


   How many different wireless ethernet protocols are there these days?

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