[mythtv-users] silent monochrome

ash ashley.collard at optusnet.com.au
Mon Feb 11 12:25:16 UTC 2008


first post (woo hoo!) after a brief lurk, and a few weeks experimenting

i have got mythbuntu up and running, and although i seem to have the cd 
/dvd side of things down, my tv experience is less satisfactory

i have managed to stream foxtel (cable) via the s-video, although in all 
honesty i don't really know why the picture finally showed up after many 
attempts at getting the input recognised

it'll time shift (great!)  but the sound and colour are not happening; 
so whilst i appreciate the experience is a little like cinema starting 
with silent black & white, i would like to have talkies in glorious colour

the "cable" input is via analogue into an audigy2 for sound, and the 
s-video in on a winfast2000xp
output is via a 6600vivo with proprietary drivers

i am not a complete n00b but linux is not my first language :-)
i admit to being better in winxp and i certainly prefer gui given a 
choice, and i am not a natural command line sort of guy but can use 
terminal under duress :-P

thanks for any assistance, and please have mercy on my ignorance

it has been a pretty painless experience thus far, although i have to 
admit i am just fiddling with the settings and learning as i go (just 
like i did with win3.0 all those years ago)



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