[mythtv-users] CPU not enough to drive 1080P? Core2duo

Meik Piepmeyer meik.piepmeyer.lists at online.de
Fri Feb 8 17:51:50 UTC 2008

Mark Hutchinson wrote:
> I am finding exactly the same thing.
> Capture via firewire.  HD channels are great.
> SD channels are a bit jitterty and so is the SPDIF audio.
> Could this be the 8600 Nvidia card?  What would a better XvMC card be?
>  8800?  or is the 8XXX series that is not working with XvMC?
> Now the question.  WHY in the world would SD be jittery and HD ( much
> greater throughput ) is clear and perfect.
> Ideas?  There is really not much in the logs.
> [...]

Hi Mark,

just a guess: It could be the power saving of the CPU. Maybe when doing
HD it is mostly at the maximum frequency - but SD is not much work and
it swaps from low to high frequency. This should not be a problem, but
if the cpufreq or anything related to it is buggy it would be possible.
I would try to play SD without any energy saving of the CPU.


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