[mythtv-users] Root partition on MythTV machine filling up

Jon jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 07:55:43 UTC 2008

On Feb 7, 2008, at 6:04 PM, Ronald Frazier wrote:

> logging is enabled on the command line when mythfrontend is launched.
> Not sure how thats done on your system.
> However, it may not be necessary to disable it completely. My guess is
> that your log is just REALLY old. You can use logrotate to change the
> log file on a daily basis and then delete the old logs after a few
> days. If you need details, let me know.

I second this solution. Logging is immensely useful, but you don't  
generally need more than a day or two's worth of logfiles. 

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