[mythtv-users] Suse Slave Startup issue

Jon jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 07:40:03 UTC 2008

Okay, just installed OpenSUSE 10.3, and installed myth 0.21.2 using  
YaST. I got it all configured as a slave, and everything seems to be  
working, but I can't seem to configure it to startup the backend at  
boot time.

I can manually start the service by running:

 >sudo /sbin/service mythbackend start

and I've ran (as root)

#chkconfig mythbackend 35

which apparently is the syntax that SUSE likes (according to the man)
When I do chconfig -l, it shows me that it should start on levels 3  
and 5. I've also tried 345 to no avail.

mythslave1:~ # chkconfig -l mythbackend
mythbackend               0:off  1:off  2:off  3:on   4:off  5:on    

It appears to me that this should startup at boot time, but it is  
not. What might I be missing?


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