[mythtv-users] Delay start time on just one channel?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Feb 7 21:02:43 UTC 2008

Phil Bridges wrote:

>> You could adjust the times directly in the database if you're
>> adventurous enough. I won't post the SQL so I don't get blamed when
>> people mess up their database. :) Anyway, it's an option. Just not a
>> good or supported one.
> True - but it doesn seem like a bit of work.  Now perhaps I could run
> a script after mythfilldb...

It would be safer to just adjust the settings in the 'record' table, so 
that only the shows you are recording are affected (not the guide 
listing itself).

This would do the trick: substitute for the proper chanid.

mysql> update record set endtime = (endtime + 02) where chanid = 1037;

But don't run it more than once unless you don't care if you record 4 
minutes or 6 or whatever.
If you don't care about that, and normally do not set your recording 
schedule more than say 2 days in advance, then you could do this in a 
cron script...


       Tux says: "Be regular. Eat cron flakes."

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